Articles, Publications, and Videos

1. Mr. N. Laurence Willey, Jr., served as a member of the Suffolk University Law Review while completing his Doctor of Law degree. He also served as Associate Editor of the Law Review. His work on the Law Review was from 1974 to 1976. His published article covering an array of legal topics is located in the Suffolk Univ. Law Review, 1974-75.

2. Mr. N. Laurence Willey, Jr. has had many law decisions published as an Appeals Court Judge for the Penobscot Tribal Court. Mr. Willey has served The Tribal Court as an Appellate Judge for over 35 years. An array of those decisions are attached. Because the number is so large, only several are listed. In Re: Summer Dawn Francis v. Mitchell King, 8-23-04-CIV-44; In Re: Fawn Ladonna Neptune, Appellate Court Dk. No. 80-08; Penobscot Nation vs. Attean, Tribal Court Reporter; In Re: Sockbesin, et al, Appellate Court, No. 86-16, 91-08; Loring v. Tribal Government, CV 92-01. Mr. Willey has served The Tribal Court as an Appellate Judge for over 25 years.

3. Mr. N. Laurence Willey, Jr. has participated in several governmental studies, reports and findings, including the report submitted by the State of Maine Commission on Governmental Restructuring in 1992, and the citizens group Pro-Maine report, in 1984, where he served as chair.

4. Mr. N. Laurence Willey, Jr. has also written numerous legal memoranda and briefs during his nearly 30 years of legal practice.

5. Mr. Willey has written several articles that have been published in various legal publications. Several of these include:

Maine Bar Journal:

Article: The Magna Carta's Influence on the U.S. Bill of Rights (Summer 2015)
Article: Restrictions, Constrictions, and Proscriptions(Fall 2006)
Article: When Cars Kill (Fall 2002)
Article: Roadblocks: Rationally Balanced or Intrinsically Intrusive? (July 2000)
Article: Should HGN in OUI Be DOA? (March 1998)

Maine Lawyers Review:

Article: Polygraph Admissibility Revisited (June 19, 1996)

Other Articles:

Article: Reconciling Differences “An Approach to Saving Marriages, Families and Relationships” (2001)
Article: Restructuring State Government Can No Longer Wait (March 8, 2010)
Article: 50 Recommendations to Cut State Spending (May 15, 2012)
Article: Restructuring Bangor’s Budget, A Citizens Approach (September 7, 2012) 
Article: Restructuring State Government-2016 (March 3, 2016)