Heritage Mediation Services

A Division of Willey Law Offices

Alternative dispute resolution, also known as ADR, has become an important part of the legal system. In fact, it is a required, mandatory aspect of many types of cases. The ADR process can lead to an expedited, agreed to result where each party to a case can walk away knowing that he or she had some hand in crafting the result. While it is commonly said that a good ADR outcome is one where no party is truly happy, this merely means that the outcome is one that has some benefit to both sides. However, the positive aspect of this process is that there is the ability, by each party, to know what the end result will be. A trial on the other hand, particularly a jury trial, can be a "roll of the dice," so to speak. The danger of a trial is that the outcome is unknown.

Therefore, the ADR process has had the effect of helping the judicial system become more efficient and parties be able to have some sort of "meeting of the minds" in crafting an outcome that all sides can live with. Whether used in a divorce, a civil suit, or otherwise, the ADR process can have a profound effect on a case and the parties to it, in a positive way.

The attorneys of Willey Law Offices have years of combined experience in being the attorney of record for a party involved in a mediation; however, it's attorneys also have had years of combined experience acting as mediators to a case, through Heritage Mediation Services, a division of Willey Law Offices. 

Because the firm's attorneys have represented clients in a wide array of case types, Heritage Mediation Services' mediators can offer your case a solid legal foundation by which to analyze the arguments being presented to him or her. Heritage Mediation Services' mediators will bring an insightful, thoughtful, sensitive and caring attitude to the table in an attempt to help each side see the mid-point in that case, and to meet at that mid-point as a means of resolving the matter short of a trial.

Whether you are an attorney or an individual, please feel free to contact us today and discuss how we can help mediate whatever issue you are having. We would be happy to help.